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Air conditioning

On air conditioning technology. Air conditioning and refrigeration as well are provided through the removal of heat energy. The definition of cold is the absence of heat energy in substances and all air conditioning systems do work on this basic principle. Heat can be moved through the process of radiation, convection, and Heat cooling through a process called the refrigeration cycle. The conduction mediums such as water, air, ice, and chemicals are referred to as refrigerants.

Maintain Your Cool:
Selecting and maintaining your home or business cooling system is more important than you may know. Certainly, you want to stay cool and comfortable, but you also want to save money. The system you choose today will impact you financially long after the initial purchase. That’s why it is important to thoroughly look at your needs now and into the future.

In New York, we enjoy many, warm, sunny days each year. However, the good weather can also bring some very unpleasant temperatures into your home or business. Utility bills are directly related to the type of equipment you use and how you maintain it. The more efficiently your system operates, the more you will save.